World Winnie The Pooh Day: How to Play Pooh Sticks

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Pooh Sticks is a game that Winnie the Pooh plays with his friends.

This game is perfect for children of all ages.  You need upwards of 2+ players.

  1. Find a river with a bridge – Pooh Sticks is played standing on a bridge. Make sure it is fairly wide and not busy.
  2. Give each player a stick – Just a stick found on the ground, don’t rip branches off trees.
  3. Line up along one side of the bridge and hold sticks above the water. All players must remember which stick is theirs.
  4. Have someone yell ‘Pooh Sticks’ or ‘Go’
  5. Everyone drop their sticks.
  6. Run to other side of bridge, whoever’s sticks emerges first wins.



  • Make sure you drop the sticks on the upstream side of the bridge.
  • Make sure the bridge isn’t busy so that the players don’t risk hitting anyone.



Don’t get too enthusiastic and fall in!



Found at wikiHow


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