Why Your Kids Need Routines

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Routines are important to everyone’s well being. Routines give kids a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline. Having  a very predictable routine allows children to feel safe, while at the same time allows them to develop a sense of control in handling their own lives.  As children begin to feel that they are in control and that they feel supported, they can begin to tackle larger changes in their lives, examples such as walking to school, shopping with their friends, sleepovers. Remember too that unpredictable changes can cause stress and anxiety for a child, examples include new teacher at school, friends absent.

It is important to remember that many changes can’t be avoided. But by offering children a predictable routine as a foundation in their lives–so they can rise to the occasion to handle big changes when they need to.

Routines that may be set include

  • Set a consistent homework time
  • Limit TV time
  • Remind your child to spend 5 minutes cleaning their room each day
  • Organizing materials and papers for school
  • Eat together as a family
  • Bedtime routine
  • Reading together

Remember don’t give up – even if you slip your routine one day, pick it up again the next day. Life can get a little hectic and routines are temporarily forgotten. But don’t panic…when this happens get back on track as soon as possible.

We at The Victoria Chart Company love routines and can see how important they are for families which was one of the main reasons why we created our Good Night Sleep Tight chart for families. Having a consistent bedtime routine will help both parents and children make the daily activity of going to sleep a pleasant experience. Get the quality sleep you need and deserve!

This is a really useful link to an article about providing structure and routines by Kathy Eugster a Clinical Psychologist. Click here to read in full.


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