Sleep Awareness Week, March 2-8th 2015 – The Importance Of Sleep

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Sleep is vital to our well being. Good sleep habits are important  to develop when young  in order to be able to function effectively.

As parents, we all try to make sure our children get a healthy diet. But have you ever thought about whether your child is getting healthy sleep?  Sleep is sleep, isn’t it?  The quality of children’s sleep can vary just as the quality of their diets do. Healthy sleep is as important as good nutrition and exercise for normal growth and development. Sleep also impacts daytime mood and functioning. If your child has poor grades or other difficulties in school, it’s possible that could be traced back to lack of sleep.

Up to two thirds of children in the UK are not getting enough sleep – with 74 % actually getting less sleep than the amount recommended for adults.

The World Sleep Awareness has recommended these good sleep practices and are known as :

10 Commandments for Children

  1. Make sure your child gets enough sleep by setting an age-appropriate bedtime (preferably before 9:00 pm) and waketime.
  2. Keep a consistent bedtime and waketime on weekdays and weekends.
  3. Establish a consistent bedtime routine and recommend wearing comfortable clothes in bed, including strong absorbing diapers for infants.
  4. Encourage your child to fall asleep independently.
  5. Avoid bright lights at bedtime and during the night and increase light exposure in the morning.
  6. Keep all electronics, including televisions, computers, and cell phones, out of the bedroom and limit the use of electronics before bedtime.
  7.  Maintain a regular daily schedule, including consistent mealtimes.
  8.  Have an age-appropriate nap schedule.
  9.  Ensure plenty of exercise and time spent outdoors during the day.
  10.  Eliminate foods and beverages containing caffeine, including many sodas, coffee, and tea.

For more information from the World Sleep Day and to see the recommended sleep amounts for children click here.

To help create a soothing bedtime routine as suggested above try using our Good Night Sleep Tight Reward Chart.  It provides a step by step routine with tips and guidelines to help you give your child a healthy nights sleep and for you an evening to unwind. For a limited time use coupon code SL25PING to get 25% off the Sleep chart from our website.

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