Making Household Chores Fun for Kids!

victoria chart company reward charts blog - making chores fun

Really making chores fun? How is that possible? Do we really like to clean our house, wash our dishes and say we really enjoy doing it? Well maybe we don’t, but let us make it seem like fun for our kids benefit and for it to be a positive experience!

Here are some tips for making chores more enjoyable:

  1. Turn chores (such as picking up toys) into a game.
  2. Let you kids help you – in the kitchen they can snap some beans, wash dishes, sweep the floor etc.
  3. Sorting laundry, make it a learning experience – dark and light colors.
  4. Yard work – let them help you pull a few weeds but keep an eye on them for fear they might pull up an expensive plant.
  5. Cleaning house – what child doesn’t enjoy pushing a vacuum cleaner?

For a child 4 years + we recommend using our My Growing Up Reward Chart  with your child to help them stay motivated and taking responsibility for their belongings and joining in with household chores. For additional information go to and receive a coupon code of 15% off which can be used on our website.

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