Moving House When You Have Kids

victoria chart company reward charts moving house with kids

This can be a wonderfully exciting time – a move across State lines – but it can bring on added stresses too. There can be a number of reasons why a family has to relocate including a career change, family illness, layoffs or just a growing family.

Goodbyes are tough. All families that move experience some loss, sadness and apprehension. We have complied a short list to help you survive the shake up and for your kids to transition a little easier.

  • Preparation: Prepare your kids. Don’t just spring the move on them the day before. Perhaps a month in advance let them know of the upcoming move. Have you child help you pack some of their belongings. Reassure your kids that their belongings are coming with you on the move.
  • Questions: Be ready for their questions and perhaps their concerns of the move. Reassure your child that they can stay in contact with their friends via other means such as Skype or letters. The experts estimate that it can take at least six months for children to get used to their new life.
  • Stay positive: Children will look to you for reassurance that everything will be OK with a dramatic change. Stay positive and they will sense that all is OK. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.
  • Routines: Stick to the same routines when you move. The same bedtimes and rituals in the same order. Continuity is key.
  • New friends: Give your child plenty of opportunities to make new friends. This is a whole bunch easier with young children than it is with teenagers.
  • Listen: Listen to your child tell you about her new school and new friends. Pay attention to the details

Remember it takes time. Don’t expect to feel at home the first day. Take it one day at a time.

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