Tips to keep your kids safe online

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This is a challenge that all parents face and over the years it has got more challenging. The internet has very much changed the way we live. Now if we need a number we look on the internet.  It is full of information and the “go-to” place for anything we need! But there is a downside too – child monsters are lurking and there is no way of being able to immediately identify them.

Here’s what is appealing — and what’s dangerous — about several popular ways kids use the Internet, along with suggested rules to keeping kids safe online. The bottom line: Communicate with your child. Discuss what she’s doing online and why. Set rules, and talk about them. Then keep talking, since your child can earn more rights and responsibilities as she grows. If she feels comfortable with these conversations, she will be more likely to let you know when she runs into an online bully or stumbles upon inappropriate content. While keeping kids safe, be a role model with your own Internet habits, since your child is likely to emulate your behavior.

These basic rules apply to keeping kids safe online:

  • Limit usage
  • Keep kids insight
  • Check their browser history

Visit the website for more detailed information by clicking here.

Also for more information on internet safety, stay involved to make sure your child knows the risks, as well as the rewards. Click here for more detailed information from Scholastic.

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