What To do On A Rainy Day – 51 Ideas

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Fun things to do with kids on a rainy day

Thanks to you we have gathered up ideas for indoor activities to keep kids occupied through all those rainy days when we’re trapped inside. We asked everyone to share their best ideas for indoor activities and we have a great list of reader tips to share.

  1. Play board games like Candy Land
  2. Decorate pinecones
  3. Cuddle up with a big pile of books
  4. Bake
  5. Draw pictures
  6. Use watercolors to paint a masterpiece
  7. Play space travel, restaurant, or school
  8. Indoor basketball or soccer
  9. “Let’s pretend we’re in a clean-up contest”
  10. Playing with Play-Doh
  11. Balance games
  12. Wii Fit
  13. Have a dance party
  14. Play with tunnel and tent set
  15. Line up chairs and play pretend train
  16. Turn a mattress into a slide
  17. Make tents and castles and forts for playing (and napping) in
  18. Decorate cookies
  19. Make pretzels
  20. Taking digital pictures and make a slideshow
  21. Make a cardboard box puppet theater
  22. Make turkeys out of paper bags
  23. Paint flower pots
  24. Make bird feeders out of recycled plastic food containers
  25. Use scraps of felt to make a picture story
  26. Have an indoor camp out with sleeping bags, a tent, board games and s’mores
  27. Make marble ramps from blocks
  28. Origami
  29. Play pretend kitchen
  30. Do science experiments
  31. Make leaf collages
  32. Make a cartesian diver
  33. Play checkers or chess
  34. Pop popcorn and watch movies
  35. Make window decals or stained glass
  36. Fishing for magnetic letters in the bath tub
  37. Pool noodle play house.
  38. Bring out all the toys you never play with
  39. Fill the sink with soapy water and play with bubbles
  40. Play dress up
  41. Do puzzles
  42. Play baseball in the hallway
  43. Make shaving cream sculptures in the sink
  44. Play Go Fish
  45. Go to the library
  46. Do science experiments
  47. Break open the craft box
  48. Write an old-fashioned letter and mail it once the storm clears
  49. Cook dinner together
  50. Play 21 questions
  51. Get out the playing cards for old-school fun

Thanks to all the people who shared their great activity ideas. If you feel we have missed any, add them to the comments below.

Find more great activities like this on our Pinterest page”What to do on a rainy day”

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