Get to know our Kiddlie characters and kids can do our fun quiz!

victoria chart company reward charts blog - meet the kiddlies and do our quiz

Do you know we have 24 Kiddlie characters that appear throughout our charts. Just like ordinary children, have their own unique personalities, preferences, strengths and challenges.  You can meet them all here.  If you look closely at each of the photos on our blogs you will see a little Kiddlie.

To help you get to know Kiddlies a little better we have created a fun quiz for you and your child to do together.

The answer to each question can be found in the Kiddlie profiles found on this page or you can download a PDF to print out here.


Good luck with the Kiddlie Quiz!

Q1:   Which Kiddly likes princesses?

Q2:   How many Kiddlies are aged five?

Q3:   Which four Kiddlies are twins?

Q4:   What is Oliver’s pet dog called?

Q5:   Which Kiddly has a plaster on his head?

Q6:   Who wants to be an actress when they’re older?

Q7:   Who has an orange dress?

Q8:   Name all the Kiddlies who wear glasses?

Q9:   Which Kiddly has a blue bow in their hair?

Q10: Which two boys like football?

Q11: Who has two flowers in their hair?

Q12: Who is the brother of Saffi and Jasmine?

Q13: How old is Sam?

Q14: Who still thinks that dinosaurs are still alive?

Q15: What does Amelia want to be when she’s older?

Q16: Who is Kitty’s sister?

Q17: What is Mikey’s favourite food?

Q18: What is Tom’s teddy called?

Q19: Which three Kiddlies have ginger hair?

Q20: Who likes peanut butter sandwhiches?

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