Why Chores are Important for Children

victoria chart company reward charts blog - why chores are important for kids

We believe that chores are important because they teach your child the value of working in order to earn a reward (i.e. work = cash). If you start chores at an early age it will instill a work ethic that should carry with your child into their adult years.

By implementing a chore and reward system you are giving your child the head start they need to compete in these harder economic times. Check out our reward charts to see the range that we carry for children 1 to 12 years.    Discount code VCHART15 will get you 15% OFF at checkout should you wish to purchase.

Children as young as aged two can participate in chores – such as picking up their toys, putting their clothes in the laundry basket, help carry light items when shopping etc.  My children started with simple chores from an early age. Chores teach responsibility from a young age. It makes a child feel important when they are praised for doing a good job also, which helps their self-esteem.

What chores did you have to do growing up?

How do you get your children to pitch in with housework?

We would love to hear from you.

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