Sticker Charts: Motivating Children with a Reward Chart

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Sticker Charts- Motivating Children with a Reward Chart

Sticker charts – do they work or not?  Well, we are slightly biased in our opinion so we found this interesting article which helps answer that question. We believe that using the power of positive reinforcement to reward good behavior, to create a supportive environment with clear expectations, and to foster healthy choices is the goal of any parent. Doing so, creates hope and empowers the child to make better decisions every day. There are so many different and equally effective ways to reward a child and redirect them to focus on the right path.

Sticker charts are a great discipline tool to help young children address specific behaviors. Earning a sticker can be an effective positive consequence for many preschoolers that can motivate them to learn new behaviors. The way a parent uses a sticker chart however, can make a big difference in how effective it is.

When to Use a Sticker Chart

Although older usually require a more complex reward system, a sticker alone can often provide enough positive reinforcement to motivate preschoolers to change their behavior. If your child grows bored with stickers however, you can certainly allow your child to exchange stickers for other tangible rewards.

Read the rest of the article over on About Parenting website by clicking here.

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We would also love to hear how sticker charts are used in your household.

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