Keeping Playtime Fun With Kids

victoria chart company reward charts blog - keeping playtime fun

We at The Victoria Chart Company are parents too and we know that just hanging out with our kids is just plain fun. We are not sure if its because they are so very cute or we know that they look at the world with a very different perspective. Either way we are still always on the look out for new ways to keep playtime varied, fun and engaging. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Explore the colors and textures in your own home—group together items of similarly colored items (soft white towels, smooth green apples, etc.) and have baby explore something new every day.

2. When reading a book together, have your little one turn the pages of the book. You can even try doing different voices for the characters!

3. Visit your local petting zoo and with your children imitate the noises of the animals you’re looking at.

4. Sit down together to try new fruits (or food) and discuss where they come from.

5.  Sing songs when driving in the car or when children are taking a bath, it is a great way for children to learn words.

6.  Playing i-spy is one of our favorites!

What is your favorite activity for playtime?

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