Saving Money at the Grocery Store

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Are you looking to save some money from your grocery bill each week? We too have noticed that more of your hard earned money is going towards putting food on the table each week. Here are some useful ways to help you save at the grocery store:

  • Make a list before you shop, and stick to it.
  • Do not shop when you are hungry.
  • Buy in bulk when possible and pratical.
  • Buy foods when in season. To see a list of seasonal products click here.
  • Canned and frozen foods are often more reasonable.
  • if you have time, try to purchase non food items at a discount store.
  • Keep a running total as you shop.
  • Try to plan the menu for the week before you leave home. This will not only save you time by eliminating the last minute dash into the grocery store on the way home from work but also save you money.
  • If possible, shop by yourself!
  • Avoid prepackaged snacks, buy larger sizes and snack bags.
  • Ready made meals are also more expensive.
  • Shop in a famillar store.
  • If you use coupons only buy products that you would normally purchase.
  • Check the local newspaper for coupons.
  • Dont get tempted by the items on the ends of each aisle, they are there to make you purchase and spend more.
  • Shop once a week.

We hope that these tips will help, comment below if you can you think of anything we have missed.

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