5 Reasons Your Kids Need Sleep

victoria chart company reward charts blog - 5 reasons your kids need sleep

Some children know how to draw out the bedtime as long as possible, “I need a drink”, “I need to potty”, “I need to kiss you” etc. The list goes on and on!  It is vital for many reasons for children and adults to get a good nights sleep. But now there is clear evidence of how important a good nights sleep is to a child and their parents.

  1. Heart health: Sleep protects children from vascular damage due to circulating stress hormones and arterial wall damaging cholesterol. Higher blood glucose levels and cortisol are linked to diabetes, obesity and heart disease.
  2. Weight gain: Over a period of time children who do not get enough sleep at night are more likely to be obese. A trigger in the brain signals when to stop eating, if we are sleep deprived, this trigger does not function as required.
  3. Staying germ free: When we sleep we produce the proteins cytokines, which the body relies on to fight infection, illness, and stress.
  4. Learning: Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have shown that newborns actually learn in their sleep. Babies may look peaceful as they sleep – but in fact their brains are working all night long.
  5. Increasing attention span: Children under 3 need at least 10 hours of sleep a night. Less than this may result in hyperactivity and impulsivity problems (similar to ADHD)

So what can you do ? Help your child by creating a good solid bedtime routine. With the help of our Good Night Sleep Tight Chart take the  stress out of bedtime battles using our reward chart system. This sleep chart can help both you and your child get the quality sleep you need and deserve. For more ideas of helping your child with a bedtime routine and using a sleep chart, click here.  VCHART15 will get you 15% off our range of charts when entered at checkout.

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