Raising an Only Child

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Times have changed in the USA. Fifty years ago only children represented just 10% of all children under 18 years.  Now according to the latest US Census Bureau data there are 18 million only children, accounting for 20% of all children under 18 years.

There is a vast difference between big and small families, and both come with entirely different challenges and rewards. Some things to consider when you have an only child:

  • Social interaction (with no siblings around make sure there is the opportunity for plenty of interaction with other children with preschool, play dates, etc.)
  • Social skills (turn taking with their peers, sharing toys with others)
  • Independence (often only children are very close with their parents and become very dependent – they become the main source of entertainment with their child) Instructing your child to participate in chores can help.
  • Indulgence (being the only child can cause an only child to be bombarded with gifts. Set limits!)
  • Setting boundaries (make sure the only child does not become the 3rd partner in a marriage!)
  • Age appropriate (make sure that your only child does have a childhood!)

It is important to remember that the undivided attention an only child receives from his parents can either be positive or negative. Try to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

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