Tips for a great kids playdate

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We have found some great strategies for having a fun and successful play dates. As we all know playdates are important as this is the time social skills are developing. learning social skills at an early age can benefit you throughout life. The good news about playdates is that they help kids learn to get along. When the playdate goes well, mom and dad can also get a welcomed break as their children entertain themselves. It’s delightful to see your little one share her favorite toys with a friend. And these get-togethers are a nice way to connect with other parents.

However, the bad news is that playdates can turn ugly in the time it takes to say, “That’s mine!” With a few faux pas, it’s also easy to alienate the parents of the small guest who attends the same school as your child.

Plan the playdate in advance

  1. Make sure that the date is about your child and not you!
  2. Keep pets out! Remember not everyone likes the family dog or cat!
  3. Provide snacks.
  4. Allow your child some space.
  5. Playdates don’t need to last for hours – especially at the beginning keep it short.

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