Toddler Tantrums – how to be ready for them

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Toddler Tantrums - how to ready for them

It’s every parents worst nightmare.  You are sitting in a restaurant or out shopping when your child suddenly decides that this is the ideal place to throw a tantrum.  It’s embarrassing and you know that all eyes are upon you.  Well let’s step back for a minute and try to understand and take notice of what triggers a tantrum.

  • Children get excited by crowds
  • New sounds
  • New smells
  • New things to see.

All these things can send a little ones body into sensory overload. Look for signals – closing eyes, covering ears etc.  Try to pay attention to these signs and if possible move into a different environment.

One of the best remedies for overstimulation is exercise.  Plan ahead of your trip, let your child run around for a little while and let off steam before you enter shops and restaurants.

Then once you have reached your destination continue to interact with your children, keep them engaged and occupied.  They can be great little helpers shopping for groceries and should you be at a restaurant always carry some crayons and pencils so together you can sit and doodle.  Always let them know how well they are doing.

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