Tips for Happy Children

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Ask a parent what they want most for their child. Their answer is likely to be that above everything they want their child to be happy. A big part of this picture is you – the parent. If you are happy, and those around your child are happy then your child will more than likely be happy too!

Here are some other tips to a happy child.

  1. Laughter – expose your child to being around people who laugh. Whether it be at a playground, social setting, school or church – being around positive influences will affect how your child feels.
  2. Connections – get out and mix with others! Don’t stay indoors all the time . Find and make new friends.
  3. Know the simple things that makes them happy – whether it be going out for a last minute ice cream or smoothie. Know what brings a smile to yours and your children’s face!

Parent Strategist Dr. Sherkat has written a wonderful book called Create Happy Kids. Shirin is on a mission to honor children and empower parents around the world with proven, road-tested, and simple parenting strategies that reduce struggles and add more joy for every member of the family.

Create happy kids through providing practical parenting solutions for the family. Helping you LIKE the kids you love so much!

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