Nightmares and how you can help your preschooler

victoria chart company reward charts blog - how to cope with night terrors

Many children during their preschool years go through a period when they wake up screaming due to a bad dream.  They may not necessarily scream out for their parents, but they may well be anxious and go into their parents bedroom.  It is important for parents to be firm with their child to prevent their child from being a pernament fixture in their bed every night. Parents should comfort their child and take their child back to their own bed reassuring them as they go.

Many parents fall into the trap of “just this once” which can create a long term problem of their child not wanting to sleep in their own bed again.

There are steps you can take to help your child. These include:

  • sitting with your child
  • talking to your child about their room and how at night shapes may look different
  • setting up a night light in the hallway
  • soft music as they fall asleep (be cautious as your child may get used to music playing and want music all night)
  • exploring their room before they go to sleep
  • cuddling their favorite toy or blanket
  • night time routine
  • patience!

So what can you do? You can help your child by creating a good bedtime routine. With our Good Night Sleep Tight Chart take the stress out of bedtime battles using our reward system. The sleep chart can help both you and your child to get the quality sleep you both need. To save 15% use coupon code VCHART15 at check out. We hope that these ideas help to reduce your child fears. If you have any other ideas please comment below.

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