Encouraging independence – the preschool years

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Encouraging independence - the preschool years

During the early years young children are constantly watching Mom and Dad and begin to start imitating their behavior. This is how they learn. There may always be a pair of eyes on you – watching Daddy shave or fix the car and Mommy putting on make-up.

We will begin to see our little ones want to do ‘grown up’ things. With the encouragement of parents we can teach our kids to do some grown up chores – carrying out trash, picking up toys, putting socks away etc. These little steps encourage our children and help to build up their self esteem at the same time.

On a less positive side as your child is learning these new rules you may find that the limits are being tested too!  Tantrums are quite common (unfortunately)  to vent frustration. Stamping of the feet and screaming maybe common. To help to encourage positive behavior then the use of a sticker chart is recommended. A chart will provide the focus for your family to concentrate on the positive behaviors of your child. Our My Big Star Chart is an ideal tool for children 2 years old.

It is important to remember that all children are different and will reach milestones at differing times. Children even in the same family differ greatly too. No two children will exhibit the same traits or react in the same manner.

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