How your child develops feelings

victoria chart company reward charts blog - How your child develops feelings

The feelings of a baby can be summarized very simply – they are feeling bad or good! Their emotions are closely linked to early learning. Some things makes them feel good such as food, warmth, cuddles and some things makes them feel bad such as wet diaper, feeling sick, hungry.

As your child grows up he becomes more aware of how the world around him operates. He learns to feel and show emotion and affection for those who make him feel good and happy, and anger at situations that are unpleasant or possibly frustrating.

It is important to realize that emotions and learning interact with each other. If a child’s emotional environment is unpleasant he may not want to explore further.  Our babies learn in the early years to trust us – they rely on us. A child needs the security of feeling that his world is a safe one, to know that the people who care for him will care for him  – no matter what.  After the first two years if your child has learned to trust the world he will begin to develop a sense of autonomy, the sense of himself as an independent worthy person capable of managing himself in this world.

All parents and educators know the end goal of their efforts is to raise children who are independent, capable, responsible and who can function in the context of relationships with others.  That’s a tall order to fill.  Parents and educators also know it takes time, consistency and patience to do all of the above. Don’t just take our word for it – read here what the experts are saying about children developing life skills.

Our job as parents is to fill the needs of our young child and therefore creating trust in our growing child. Once a child develops trust he is so much more open to learning and developing feelings. The learning process will be much easier and happy.

This solid grounding can help our children for future years as they develop, learn, achieve and survive this world.

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