How To Get Leftover Halloween Candy Out of Your Home!

victoria chart company reward charts blog - what to do with left over halloween candy

OK, so Halloween is over and now you are left with a pile of candy that you want out of your house ASAP! I know, I feel the same – so we have come up with some ideas for you and your kids to use up some of the leftover candy in your home.

  1. Make Cookies: Add to your favorite cookie recipe some chopped up Reece’s pieces or M&M’s.
  2. Talk to your Dentist: Maybe they have a buy-back program. Click here to find a Dentist in your area.
  3. Candy Crafts: Yes, turn your candy into something beautiful. Click here to link to some fun and creative ideas  with candy. They could be used as small gifts, favors, or party treats.
  4. Donate:  Your local food bank or Shelter will willingly take candy from you to give out particularly at Christmas time.
  5. Freeze it: Yes, some candy will freeze – chocolate bars in particular will freeze well.
  6. Use as an Educational Tool: Yes have fun and learn at the same time, teach your kids to count, learn colors and shapes while having fun.
  7. Science: What better way to learn – click here to view some interesting experiments!

Can you think of any more ideas? Share with us what you do with excess candy in your home.

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