Rewarding Healthy Choices Without Using Food

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Rewarding Healthy Choices Without Using Food

Your family is now on the same page for healthy eating and you feel the need to use food as a reward right?  Wrong!  Heading out to dinner or offering unhealthily food as a reward should be stopped in it’s tracks.  Instead of using food as the reward try other solutions with your child on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.  Simple things such as a hug, high five, verbal praise, quality time are all sort after by children. Maybe a trip to the cinema, a bike ride, trip to a local park all of these could be high on a wish list.

Another idea is to keep track of their good eating behaviors using a sticker chart. Our My Growing Up chart is ideal.  Make it fun! Share with family and friends! Trying new foods could be tracked on a chart.

There are other rewards that don’t involve food that your child may like too – a new book perhaps, or coloring pencils. There are many different rewards that will help you and your child.

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