5 Tips for a Healthy Toddler

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As tempting as it maybe to keep your toddler always by your side and out of harms way it is probably not a good idea. We understand that you don’t want your little one to end up in ER every week and always have your child’s best interests in mind. We have compiled a short list that will help keep your little ones safe and healthy.

  1. Always allow for your child to run around, outside preferably. It is essential that your child is able to let off steam. I know of some local schools who actually take away recess time from a child if they misbehave in class.  A child needs to run around (see link below). Other ideas perhaps visit a local park or join a toddler group like Gymboree Play and Music.
  2. Keep your house clean! Common surfaces such as high chairs, tabletops. Try to prevent bacteria from building up on surfaces.
  3. Make sure you spend time baby proofing your home – get down on all fours if you have to to try to see dangers from a toddlers view. Stair gates, cabinet locks, sharp corners cushions all these should be addressed.
  4. Read food labels. Pay attention to what is in the foods you give to your child. Often ready made foods have high salt and sugar levels. Introduce water or watered down juice rather than fruit juice at an early age. (I speak from experience –  my son took years to come around to drinking water). This will not only keep them healthy but will keep unnecessary sugar from their teeth.
  5. Keep a track of doctor appointments and keep a list handy for questions you may want to ask during check-ups. It is often good to keep all the immunization records together as when your child starts school they will need to produce this.

We hope that this has helped. Of course there are many things you can do to help your child. Feel free to use the comments below to share with other parents.

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