Tips to Reduce Stress at Christmas

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Here we are again in the middle of crazy time festive season! Nowadays it seems like we have once again decided to accomplish a list as long as your arm to help with the festivities. Some things that may be on your list include  – choosing and cutting down a tree (this in itself is an adventure) – I too once had plans for this but practicality set in and once again my very artificial tree was dusted off and decorated! Making sugar cookies to share, toasting marshmallows on an open fire, endless hours watching Christmas movies, wrapping presents with Christmas music playing all just seems too lovely!

Then reality set in and with Christmas just a week away I will be lucky to get more than a couple of things crossed off my list!

It got me thinking to take the stress out of Christmas and just slow down and enjoy what is possible, given the amount of time available.

Here’s what I narrowed it down to:

  1. The smell of Christmas. Click here for a great recipe to make your house smell lovely!
  2. Gift buying – perhaps consider one gift each by picking names out of a hat. Set a cash limit on gift buying.
  3. Plan menu ahead of time, get those you are sharing Christmas with to help and bring a dish.
  4. Know who to expect.
  5. Play some relaxing music.
  6. Avoid excessive alcohol drinking.
  7. Have fun – try to remember some good old funny stories.
  8. Decorate without it taking all your time.
  9. Give everyone a set job – setting the rules.
  10. Keep this list for next year – it will help!

We hope that this helps and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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