Want your child to become successful? – consider this!

victoria chart company reward charts blog - want your child to become successful then consider this

According to a recent article by Time Magazine there is one thing parents can help their children on the road to success.  According to the article , Children who participate in chores around the home are far more likely to become successful adults.

Nagging a child is never going to be fun, but the benefits are immense. For a list of age appropriate chores click here.

Setting regular chores probably means you will argue more. A third of parents in the U.S. who require their youngsters to perform regular household duties argue with them once a week, according to the survey. That compares with just 21% of parents that do not require that their kids perform household chores. But the payoff is big. According to the survey, among parents who require chores:

  • 87% report their kids are doing well in school, vs. 61% of parents who do not require chores.
  • 92% report their kids are creative, vs. 80% of parents who do not require chores.
  • 88% regard their kids as responsible, vs. 63% of parents who do not require chores.
  • 92% regard their kids as disciplined, vs. 78% of parents who do not require chores.

The survey does little to resolve the debate around paying for chores. Kids who get rewards for doing chores are no more likely to exhibit greater discipline or responsibility, and only slightly more likely to have heightened creativity and do better in school, the survey shows. The big finding is that setting regular household duties—linked to allowance or some other reward, or not—is what’s important. “Parents find their relationships with their little ones to be stronger,” says Funifi CEO Andrew Michael .

Start today, establish chores and help your child on the road to success.

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