2016 – The Year of Togetherness

victoria chart company reward charts blog - 2016 year of togetherness

This year we are focussing on ‘togetherness’. Our aim is to help children engage, learn and laugh with those they have around them.

The role of a parent or caregiver is so important to set our children off on the right path, but spending time together can be difficult in our busy, modern day lives with so many challenges. We can be quick to choose the ‘easy route’ – eating separately, dinner in front of the TV, gadgets to keep children amused and to fall asleep with, to name but a few.  However we know creating a loving environment for our children will help them develop, grow in confidence and set standards for their future children.

Throughout 2016 we will be working alongside some of the most experienced parenting strategists bringing you support in forms of:

  • blogs
  • free downloads
  • new products
  • tips, discount codes and giveaways through social media

How to stay in touch?

For regular e-newsletter please complete the form below, follow our US Facebook, UK Facebook and Twitter page and follow our blog.

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