The Quickest and Easiest Ways to Eat Healthy as a Family

victoria chart company reward charts blog - The Quickest and Easiest Ways to Eat Healthy

We all the have great intensions to eat a healthy balanced diet, but sometimes it just seems impossible to juggle work, play, extra curriculum activities and at the same time ensure that healthy meals are served every day. At times you may just end up doing just what is easier or convenient and grabbing food on the run. It is important to remember what you need to know in order to create healthy habits and meals at the same time. Here are a few ideas that we think may help.

  • Plan on a regular schedule. Know how many meals you prepare (3 normally) and at least 2 snacks. Set approximate mealtimes. By setting a time, the whole family will be aware of what time they can expect to eat and will not snack 20 minutes before a meal.
  • Nutrition – we all need to eat a balanced diet no matter of our age. Check out the Food Pyramid so that you know where the emphasis of food groups should be placed. Plan a varied diet. Know portion sizes!
  • Shop smart! Avoid shopping when you and/ or your kids are hungry. Make a list and try to stick with it. Research the store before you go so that you know what foods are on sale. Avoid where possible processed foods – it lacks essential vitamins, has a higher sodium level and hurts your pocket too!
  • Take a good look at your kitchen, and what foods you have in your cupboards. Buy limited treats – after all you can control what your family eats if you don’t buy it!
  • Involve your family. Make sure you include some of their favorite meals in the meal plan.
  • Ask for help. Involve your children to help in the kitchen. This is a great time to bond, and have fun together. Let them help you decide what’s healthy by reading food labels together.  There are plenty of things a young child can help with in the kitchen which don’t involve sharp kitchen knives. School aged children can set the table, maybe make place settings, decorate the table, and many other things to help Mom!
  • And finally, enjoy your meal together at the table.  This is important of family interaction, teaching children good eating habits and helping food to digest.  We have a great product about to launch which will help to see to this.  Do contact us if you would like to know more.

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