Top Challenges That Parents Face

Victoria Chart Company - Top Challenges That Parents Face

Parenting today is exhausting! There we said it.  We have all had days where it seems as if nothing is going right. The kids fight and scream at each other, dinner is not ready, the house is a mess and you have enough laundry to keep the machine running 24/7.

The top challenges today it seems are:

Family – the extended family that we all once depended upon appears to have gone. Grandparents are often not just around the corner to help at a moments notice.

Behavior – in todays society there seems to be a shift in acceptable behavior and attitudes. Children misbehaving  and no respecting their elders  and those in authority (Teachers, Police etc.) This puts a tremendous amount of strain on families.

Longer work days – often both parents have to work in  a household make ends meet. This tends to mean that children are in after school daycare facilities and are not able to let off steam – even running around outside or taking a short bike ride can make a big difference. Now families are often arriving home after 6pm, then the crazy time of dinner preparations and homework begins.

Technology -it wonderful some of the advancements made in this are over the past 20-30 years but some more recent influences such as iphones, tablets etc. have played a part in isolating children and their parents. Social media infiltrating children lives and blocking out parents ability in knowing what is going on.

Every family is different and may face different challenges than those listed above.

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