Turn ‘Mealtimes’ into ‘Together Times’ with our NEW Let’s Eat Together Placemat

victoria chart company reward charts blog - learn table manners lets eat together placemat

We are proud to announce the launch our new ‘Let’s Eat Together‘ Children’s Placemat in the USA and the UK.

Throughout 2016, we are focussing on products to encourage family ‘togetherness’.  This month sees the launch of our ‘Let’s Eat Together’ Placemat.  The simple act of eating together at the table is the perfect opportunity to talk, bond and learn from one another.  Not only does it enrich the feeling of belonging, the dry-wipe, activity placemat focuses on children learning their table manners and playing fun after dinner games.

We all like to have confidence our children will behave appropriately at mealtimes, show etiquette and have good table manners, particularly when we are visiting restaurants or away from home.  And what is the best way to teach this?   Simple!  Eat together at a table at home.

However, increasing research shows the simple act of eating together can be difficult to achieve in our busy, modern day lives, resulting in children ending up with such poor eating habits that elementary and primary schools are having to teach children how to use a knife and fork.  

To help parents and carers maximise their children’s mealtime experience, we have created the fun, double-sided ‘Let’s Eat Together’ placemat which comes with a dry-erase pen.   Suitable for 3 years upwards, side one of the placemat provides children with a check-off system to help them learn their table manners and side two provides fun, communication activities for the whole table to play after a meal.

Let's Eat Together Placemat 1

Side one helps children learn their table manners

Let's Eat Together Placemat 2

Side two provides fun activity games to play at the table

Finding the time to eat together at least 5 to 6 times a week (for breakfast, lunch or dinner) brings numerous benefits for a family, in particular the children:

  • It is the perfect opportunity to communicate and bond with one another.  
  • It encourages a screen-free time.
  • Children are more likely to try new food and finish their meals.
  • Children learn to eat properly with their knife, fork and spoon.
  • Sitting upright at a table is the best position for food to digest.  
  • But, most importantly, it is where young children learn etiquette and good table manners.  

Want to purchase this placemat? Click here. Please enter discount code ‘VCHART15′ at checkout to receive 15% off.

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