5 Ways to be Role Model for your Child

victoria chart company reward charts blog - 5 ways to be a role model for your child

Did you know that the most powerful role model for your child sits across from them at the dinner table? Yes, it’s YOU! Here are 5 tips to be a role model for your child.

  1. Healthy Living – eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise. This sets a great example for our children. After Sunday lunch, instead of sitting on the sofa, bundle up and head outside for a brisk walk. This is also a great time to talk with your child.
  2. Self Control – controlling our emotions in front of our children. Do not explode in front of them. How you react to things affects them.
  3. Healthy Relationships – not only with your partner but also with parents, siblings, stepchildren etc. Remember your children are watching you all the time!
  4. Being Positive – try to remain positive around your child. There is so much negativity around these days. Let your child look at you and know that you are a believer not a cynic.
  5. Integrity- always say what you mean and mean what you say. If you consistenly don’t follow through what you say then they are empty words.

Have you noticed ways that your child imitates you?

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