Simple Ways to Remind Kids

victoria chart company reward charts blog - simple ways to remind kids

Do you feel that you have to constantly remind your kids of what they need to do? Well you may not be alone! Many parents feel that without the reminders their kids would not get out the door in the morning. According to parent educator Shirin Sherkat, children become “prompt-dependent” and are waiting for a cue from their parents to tell them what to do next. This happens because children process verbal reminders differently than visual reminders.

Here are three ways you can successfully remind your children withou creating a dependant child:

  1. Write down the daily routine for your child.  Using a sticker chart can be very useful when used as a visual reminder for your child. Keep the list short.
  2. Introduce the concept of organizing time by using calendars.
  3. Remember the sentence “First, ….then, …….”. This sentence is very helpful with young children.

One final point, make sure that the sticker chart listing the daily routine is in a place that can be easily seen each day.

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