A Simple Way to Interact at Meatimes That Works For Families

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Lets Eat Together Placemat scores high in the Good Toy Guide

It is always a great confidence boost to have our products recognized by experts in the field of positive development in children.

We recently sent our Let’s Eat Together Placemat for review to the UK’s Fundamentally Children’s Good Toy Guide.  Here is what they said …

Our testers loved the Let’s Eat Together Activity Placemat – children really enjoyed checking off their achievements, competing with siblings to get the most which is great motivation! Parents said using the placemat definitely improved their children’s behavior – for example, one mother said she has had a lot of trouble getting her 3-year-old to sit at the dinner table, but found that using the placemat encouraged her to do so.

The activities were also very popular and can encourage families to talk and interact during mealtimes. This is fantastic for building relationships, getting children to think about the questions given, and encouraging children to communicate. This also helps children develop their language skills, and having their parent’s full attention means children feel loved and valued.

To read what the experts say about the Let’s Eat Together placemat please click here.

Should you wish to purchase our Let’s Eat Together Placemat, please click here.  ‘VCHART15’ will get you 15% off your order from any of our check outs.


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