Simple Tips to Keep Reading Fun for Children

Victoria Chart Company - Simple Tips to Keep Reading Fun for Children

It is important to make reading fun and part of family time. Reading is important! Books have the power to benefit toddlers and preschoolers in many ways. Parents- reading to your child is one of the most important things you can do to prepare him with a foundation for academic excellence. Here are some tips that can help you integrate reading into the daily family activities:

  • Play board games.
  • Visit your local library – check out the library too for weekly storybook times for little ones.
  • Read bedtime stories.
  • Create a comfy reading nook.
  • Have available suitable reading material for your child.
  • Practice! Have your child read the shopping list when you are grocery shopping.
  • Cook simple recipes together, having your child read the recipe.
  • Click here to read how to make reading fun.

Set a good example by allowing your child to see you reading at home too – whether it be the daily newspaper or a good novel. Your child will imitate what they see. To read about the benfits of reading to your child at an early age click here. If this is an area your child struggles with, try using a reward chart to encouarge your child each day, click here for details.

Wishing you a Happy World Book Day!

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