The Challenge is Real! 

victoria chart company reward charts blog - the challenge is real

Friday night we decided to head to a local restaurant to eat dinner. We rarely venture out on Friday evenings – the restaurants are busy, service is often (not always) slow and we as a family are all exhausted. Last week was different. We headed to a local BBQ.

As predicted the restaurant was busy, we waited 10 minutes for a table. I watched my husband get agitated as we stood with maybe 15 others. He is impatient, he hates waiting and would rather drive somewhere else … to wait! Eventually seated, we quickly placed our order.  During the course of our meal I noticed that just across the aisle was a family; Mom and Dad and their children both on their phones. Not a word was said to each other. The kids both continue to play games throughout the course of their meal.

It  appears that we have lost the art of communication and table manners. Seeing this family confirmed my stance on our Let’s Eat Together activity placemat. It brings a focus back to the table and helps to open the lines of communication between families and also offers ideas of what to talk about along with games to play such as tick-tack- toe.  We asked Tre of Non Perfect Parenting to recently trial our placemat. Please see video below.

Interestingly, at the same time of launching our Let’s Eat Together placemat, Chick-fil-a have launched their campaign to challenge parents to put down their phones and engage with one another at the table. What started in Georgia has since spread to other locations across the country. What great timing!

To purchase the Let’s Eat Together placemat, visit and use coupon code VCHART15 to save 15% at checkout.



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