Why Everyday Routines are Good for Children

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Why Everyday Routines are Good for Children

We all love routines and daily routines can be very helpful for children and their families. Routines are helpful

Routines are key for children, particularly at bedtime.

Here are some tips that we found on Web MD blog which we thought would help you to create a much smoother bedtime plan for your child and stop those battles now!

  • Make Sure Your Child’s Bedtime Is Early Enough
  • Keep Your Child’s Bedtime Consistent
  • Let Your Child Wind Down
  • Establish a Routine for Your Child’s Bedtime – check out our Good Night Sleep Tight Chart to help with you with a consistent routine.
  • Offer Lots of Choices for Kid’s Bedtime
  • Take Charge and Set Limits

Some children like and need routines more than others, we found a great list of the benefits of routines for children from RaisingChildren.net.au

  • Teaching young children healthy habits, such as brushing teeth, washing hands, being nice to others.
  • Daily routines help our body clocks, we go to bed at a regular time and wake up.
  • Basic work skills and time management.
  • To view  more benefits, click here

What routines do you have in your home? Feel free to share with us using the comments below.


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