Want Your Kids to Behave? Try Encouragement

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Want Your Kids to Behave Try Encouragement

As a child moves from being a toddler to elementary school years they have begun to learn behaviors from those around them. Small children are mostly looking at their parents as their role model. Small children like to please their parents or caregivers.

Here are some ways that parents can help their children to behave:

  • Reward good behavior, even if it “Good job” or “Well done”.
  • Ignore bad behavior.  This may sound like common sense but picture yourself at the check outline while grocery shopping (you know – where all the candy is placed). Your child is whining that they want candy and will not stop.  Do not give in, as this sends the message to your child that you are rewarding bad behavior.
  • Use positive words – try to avoid words such as  ‘don’t, can’t, won’t’ as you talk with your child.
  • Be very clear in your instructions.
  • Explain to your child. Except in the case of emergencies try to take a few minutes to explain your reasons.
  • Set a good example yourself.

We hope that this has helped. If you would like to keep a visual reminder for your child or you are working on particular behaviors, a reward chart  can be very useful. We would like to offer you coupon code VCHART15 to save 15% on our products at checkout.

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