Tips for Autistic Children with Brushing Teeth

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Tips for Children with Autism and Brushing Teeth

Autism Awareness Month is now coming to a close but we know that children with autism can find the sensation of brushing teeth more difficult than others. My son, who is autistic is a prime example and without reminders will “forget”.  The consequences of not brushing can lead to tooth decay and possible long term fear of dentists.

We decided to put our Add a Brilliant Smile Chart  into practice for my son who was needing a visual reminder to brush his teeth.   We discussed it together, how it is used, what is expected and I got him enthusiastic about the chart. We addressed again the importance of brushing teeth and how he could take on the responsibility of taking care of his teeth, without me asking twice a day. His dentist will be happy too!  Now I can see at a glance if he has brushed his teeth before we head out of the door in the morning! Of course, you need to be able to trust that your child is not just drawing a face without brushing so stand nearby just to make sure!

 At the end of the first week as a treat for using the chart we ventured out to see a movie – something again that he wanted. Rewards don’t have to be expensive, and in fact mine usually aren’t. I usually try to incorporate the rewards with things that we would be doing such as going to the park,  riding bikes together,  stopping for ice cream!

The chart is a visual reminder for him and a check for me. It is definitely working for us!

US-DEN chart ws.jpg


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