What To Do When Familiar Foods Become Boring

victoria chart company reward charts blog - what to do when familiar foods become boringChildren are unpredictable – one minute they eat everything in front of them, next minute they point blank refuse. Don’t panic – this stage will pass. Children decide that the idea of sitting at the dinner table is no longer fun and want to explore their new found world. However we have four tips to get toddlers interacting with familiar foods by making their regular food more exciting:

  1. Change up the color  – there are many brightly colored vegetables such as bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots etc. Bright colors make food look more attractive to kids.
  2. Make food small! – Kids love tiny food! Use different shaped cookie cutters to make food miniature.
  3. Play with food – help your child interact with their food by making it playful. Explore the silly sounds of squishing tomatoes and perhaps paint with yoghurt or cottage cheese. Cubed cheese can be fun too by stacking.
  4. Samples – serve your child bite sized samples, especially new foods.

Remember – The simple act of eating together at the table is the perfect opportunity to talk, bond and learn from one another.  Not only does it enrich the feeling of belonging, it is here that children learn etiquette, table manners and the essential skill of how to properly use their knife, fork and spoon.

To help parents and carers maximise their children’s mealtime experience, our double sided dry erase ‘Let’s Eat Together’ placemat is a fun, interactive tool that children just love to complete after a meal.  

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