Simple Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Develop

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Simple Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Develop

There are many ways we as parents help our children grow intellectually. Here are some simple ways in which we can help babies develop their confidence and love to learn:

  • Children watch adults and learn from them – good and bad behaviors so be cautious!
  • Providing a stimulating environment to learn through play
  • Playing simple games that help a child learn and also want to learn. Games such as “peek-a-boo” or “this little piggy”
  • Learning through music and dance.
  • Sorting containers in the kitchen. How many times do you kids open up the kitchen doors drag out of the cupboard the plastic containers? I know it can be annoying, but this is a great learning environment.

Older kids can learn by:

  • Cooking with Mom or Dad in the kitchen.
  • Reading, and developing the love of reading.
  • Exploring by themselves! Maybe with an eye still on them, in a safe environment, let your child wander through the yard.
  • Helping out Mom and Dad, maybe washing the car with Dad.

There are so many opportunities for children to learn – take advantage! An important part of learning is being able to complete a task once started – give them time. Being able to accomplish to achieve a goal plays a big part in giving a child that all important sense of mastery.


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