Simple Tips on Playing With Babies

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Simple Tips on Playing With Babies

Playtime is fun , but it is also an important time for your baby as they are learning. The simplest interactions can encourage them to learn. Think of it as “work time” for your child!

Here are some simple tips to get the most out of playtime.

  1. Let your child take lead and you follow.
  2. Don’t rush, take it slowly.
  3. Change up activities.
  4. Be silly – let you child have fun, do silly dances, waving hands and let your hair down!
  5. Discover the love of scarves! Play peek a boo and throw the scarf in the air to float down naturally.
  6. Sing – your baby will believe that you are naturally gifted!
  7. Read books together – fun, colorful books to get your child’s attention.
  8. Bring the whole family together at playtime occasionally.
  9. Have the proper tools available for your child – no fancy gadgets required!
  10. Go outside and let your child develop a love for the outdoors. Be aware of poisonous plants in your yard.

Remember the basic function of games and play time is to make kids stronger and sharper.

Playtime is also healthy for the parent too -at the end of a long stressful day,  sitting down and playing with your child is a great stress reliever.

We understand the importance of play and have combined this knowledge to a new product used at the dinner table. Our NEW Let’s Eat Together placemat  is designed to help families connect at the table and also gives ideas of games to play after a meal.  This can be purchased from our website and use coupon code VCHART15 for a 15% discount. Tell your friends too!

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