The Morning Schedule for Kids During Summer Break

victoria chart company reward charts blog - The Morning Schedule for Kids During Summer Break


With the lazy days of summer, it is easy for your kids to break out of a morning routine. Here is a list of five tasks your child needs to accomplish before a certain time in the morning
. (In an ideal world, these tasks the child can do without your direction or assistance) The purpose of this morning schedule, is that after completion, the kids and the house is ready for whatever is on the schedule for the day.

  1. Get up and make bed.
  2. Eat breakfast.
  3. Get washed and dressed.
  4. Brush teeth.
  5. Clean up room.

By setting a certain standard for your children you will no longer see them in their pajamas at noon! It will also start the day off and you will all be ready to go out and have fun!

Do you struggle getting your child to brush their teeth?  Then why not consider our tooth brushing reward chart – Add a Brilliant Smile – to help children keep up routine and to understand the importance of brushing their teeth.  Discount code VCHART15 will give you 15% OFF at any of our checkouts!

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