Tips on Maintaining a Peaceful Home

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With all that is going on in our very unsettled world at the moment, it has never been more important to provide a safe and peaceful environment in the family home.

We would like to share with you Dr Shirin Sherkat of Create Happy Kids article to help you achieve this …

“Peace begins with a smile.” – Mother Teresa

Maintaining peace in your home creates a positive environment where children feel secure and loved, and where family values can be taught and strong relationships built. Maintaining peace in the home should be an ultimate goal of every parent.

In my previous article, I began sharing some tools and strategies for maintaining peace in your home, and in this article I will continue with more ideas that will help you build that peaceful environment.

Celebrate Small Victories:

For example, you see your nine-year old son, who has been trying to master the multiplication table, doing his homework. He has been feeling a bit frustrated about the process. You notice that he has gotten a few answers correct on his assignment. You take a moment and praise him for that. You may not think praising him is a very important action on your part, but it can be very significant.

Some young adults who are self-critical don’t appreciate strengths in themselves; because they lack self-esteem, they start out as young kids who may be hard on themselves and are not guided to celebrate and appreciate accomplishments. Small accomplishments can lead to bigger accomplishments. A small word of praise, a thumbs-up, or even a simple “good job!” can go a long way in making a small victory into a big accomplishment.

Praise Attempts:

By giving a positive reinforcement, and a little, “Good try buddy” when you see your kids trying to do the right thing, you are rewarding their attempts. Regardless of whether they succeed or not, you want to make sure your kids try their best. After all, you don’t want to raise perfectionists. If you want to foster an environment where your children don’t give up trying to behave, then keep rewarding their attempts at making better decisions. This practice can be very effective in building independence skills in your children and in preventing “meltdowns”.

To read more of this article click here.

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