Simple Tips for Potty Training

victoria chart company reward charts ready for potty training

It is said that “Summer is the perfect time to potty train” It is a time when you can let your little one run around half dressed while they are potty training at home.   It is possible to really take your time, the weather is warm and your little one can go outside and play, swim and even feel when they need to go.

From a baby to young child in the blink of an eye, potty training is one of the most important developmental milestones your child will ever have. Yet the key to potty training success is a lot of encouragement, patience and positivity. Pick a good time to start – try to avoid times of stress such as moving house, a new baby in the house, job change and even vacations.

Our Ultimate Potty Training reward chart system is an all-in-one package that makes potty training easy and frustration-free. Each system includes an informational sheet with tips on how to start potty training, ways to prepare your child, and how to get the best results. Our chart encourages children every step of the way so they can say bye to diapers and nappies in no time!

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