Teach Your Child How to be a Good Friend

victoria chart company reward charts blog - Teach Your Child How to be a Good Friend

Sounds easy doesn’t it?  We have found some great tips from Living and Life Designed that we wanted to share with you.  At the age of around 4-5 years children start building meaningful friendships with others. These relationships can be with classmates, neighborhood kids, cousins and Parent’s friends. These friendships are nurtured through parent’s involved with their children and helping to guide them to be good friends.

Here are characteristics that good friendships and good friends need:

  • A common interest
  • Support for one another
  • Sharing
  • Including others
  • Not to gossip

Important skills are needed to be a good friend and the social and emotional guidance from parents will help meaningful relationships flourish. When you help guide your child with suggestions for friendly ways to act, encouragement to make smart decisions, and how to respond to peer pressure, they will be more successful in their friendships because of this guidance.

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