Sleep Tips as Children Head Back to School

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As children are now heading back to school we were excited to find these sleep tips by Dr. Carl Ratliff and we wanted to share them with you.  The early start to the day and (hopefully) earlier bedtimes can affect children.  Those changes can have serious impacts on a student’s health and behavior, said Dr. Carl Ratliff, an adolescent psychiatrist at Community Howard Regional Health.

In order to better adjust to the changes, the psychiatrist stressed the importance of sleep—and actually being able to fall asleep at bedtime. Ratliff referred to the American Academy of Pediatrics, saying it has stringent recommendations on media, which can affect sleep quality.

“We recommend limiting all media to about one to two hours a day, and we discourage kids younger than 2 from viewing TV. We also talk about removing TVs from the bedrooms, and programming should be educational, no gratuitous sex or violence,” he said.

To read more of the sleep hygiene tips, click here.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine said that positive bedtime routines involve a routine of calming activities. These can include a soothing bath, brushing teeth and reading a bedtime story. We heard from parents that were struggling with a bedtime routine and with the help of a Sleep Specialist we developed the Good Night Sleep Tight Chart. The Sleep Chart is available to purchase from our website at Use coupon code VCHART15 to save 15%.

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