4 Benefits to Coloring

victoria chart company reward charts blog - four Benefits to Coloring

The shops are full of adult coloring books, you have no doubt seen them, but are you aware of some of the benefits that coloring can offer you?

  1. Relives stress. The actual process of coloring means that you have to sit still. This is a great way to relive  stress.  Just think, the only decision you really need to make is what color pencil to pick up!
  2. Creates unity. Coloring in groups, whether it be family or friends can create a wonderful time of interaction. Coloring is something a Mom can do with her children and at the same time possibly have that one-on-one time. It does not need to take hours – whatever your schedule will allow – maybe you can work this into your  simple bedtime routine with your child.
  3. Brings back childhood memories. Coloring is likely to bring back happy childhood memories. It is quite common for adults not to have picked up crayons or colored markers since elementary school.
  4. Therapy. It’s a lot cheaper than therapy! The famed psychologist Carl Jung was on to something when he started prescribing coloring to his psychiatry patients. He gave his clients mandalas to color as part of their therapy, and you can still purchase mandala coloring books today.

There are of course plenty of other benefits to coloring.  How has coloring benefitted you?

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