Concerns for Poor Child Development

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The following research has been provided by The University of Sydney, a serious topic highlighting the attributes causing poor child development in Australia, but it is an epidemic that is affecting most of the Western World and one we can all relate to.  With much thanks to Lead researcher Louise Hardy who encourages verbal praise and reward charts to acknowledge positive development …

AUSSIE kids are growing into slobs, with a confidential government report revealing just one in five gets enough exercise and only 7 per cent eat enough vegetables.

The latest NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition­ Survey of 7500 children aged five to 16 reveals that teenage obesity has risen over the past five years, with unfit kids scoffing junk food and spending hours playing on electronic devices.

One in four kids skips breakfast, and one in 10 eats dinner in front of the TV at least five nights a week.

Half the children spend too much time in front of screens — including TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones — and a quarter do not get enough sleep on school nights.

The unpublished study found that half the parents use sweets to reward their kids for good behaviour, and a third of children fail to brush their teeth twice a day.

One in 10 kids drinks at least one glass of soft drink each day.

The University of Sydney study, funded by NSW Health, is held every five years.

Its 2015 survey shows that rates of childhood obesity have changed little since 2010, when 17 per cent of kids were overweight and 6 per cent obese.

Lead researcher Louise Hardy told the state parliamentary inquiry into childhood obesity that parents should reward their children with time instead of treats.

Encourage parents to use non-food rewards, for example verbal praise which is important to build self-esteem, or reward charts which focus on a goal such as spending time with their child, she said in her submission.

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