How to avoid a holiday disaster when travelling with young children


Summer holidays are over and the kids are now back at school. This is often the perfect time for families with young children to take a vacation -prices have gone down and the crowds have dispersed. This article gives some great tips when travelling with young children.

  1. Diversion tactics – Have an arsenal of toys and snacks that can be pulled out at different intervals inevitably helps the time go quicker.
  2. Accept it – children cry on planes – But guess what, children cry, and sometimes there is just not much you can do about it. So relax. As long as you’re not doing something that is disrespectful to other passengers, it’s fine.
  3. Find suitable accommodation – Take time to plan where you are going to stay.
  4. Beware of the bugs – Take a supply of child-friendly medicines with you. Being stuck with an ill child in a foreign country, miles from anywhere, is no fun.
  5. Embrace your inner child – With all the worries of travelling filling your mind don’t forget to have fun – it is a vacation after all.

Click here to read these tips in details.

After all the stress, when you really need time to lie on a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand, look for the kids’ club. Many hotels and resorts offer them and children often don’t want to leave.


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