3 High-Tech Ways to Keep Track of Your (rebellious) Teen


When your teen was younger, you were able to get away with helicopter parenting, but now that he has reached his teen years, that approach will only push him further away. Instead aim to practice a different approach: submarine parenting.

With this strategy, you aim to give your kids the freedom they yearn for while still keeping an eye on things, out of sight, just under the surface. You’ll be there to help navigate any issues as they arise, but for the most part, you just observe and let your teen do his thing.

In order to do your best to keep an eye on things from a distance, here are a few high-tech tools worth investing in.

HD Security Cameras

OK, at first glance, this may sound a little Big Brother, but no, you won’t be using the cameras like that. Installing high definition security cameras throughout your home is a great investment in your overall home security and these cameras provide the added bonus of acting as a deterrent for your teen to disobey the rules when you’re not around.

Review the video feeds routinely and make sure your teen knows that you do this for the purpose of home security. Then let your teen stay home alone when he asks to and, if he’s old enough, let him stay home for the weekend while you take a getaway with your husband. For most kids, knowing that they’ll get caught is a deterrent enough to keep them from having a big party with underage drinking while you’re away. And on the off chance that it isn’t, you’ll be able to review the footage and find out what happened to your stuff if anything is broken or goes missing while you’re gone.

Find My Kids: Footprints

Find My Kids: Footprints tracks your teen’s every location, time stamping each place so you can get a clear timeline of your teen’s whereabouts in real time. You can set up geofences and get alerts as soon as any boundaries are crossed, like if you teens skips out of school early, or leaves his friend’s house when he says he’s sleeping over. For teen drivers, you can even set speed monitoring, so you’ll be alerted if your teen is speeding.

The investment in this technology is minimal. The app itself is free and there is a $3.99 annual subscription fee.

High-tech Liquor Cabinet Locks

Underage drinking is a serious problem that should not be overlooked. More than 26 percent of underage kids ages 12 to 20 admit to alcohol use in the past 30 days, according to Student Against Destructive Decisions (SADD). Keep all of the alcohol in your home under lock and key to make sure your teen doesn’t get into it when you aren’t around.

There are plenty of high-tech lock options, you could even splurge on biometric locks, but for about $139, you can get a Stealthlock Keyless Locking System. This system is not visible when the cabinet is locked and in place, and it can only be opened using a special code on the designated transmitter pad. Keep the transmitter pad locked away in your personal safe to limit access and choose a passcode that your teen won’t guess if he gets a hold of it.

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