Bedwetting – Simple Tips To Help Families



As children grow up, one of their developmental milestones is bedwetting or bladder control – it is part of growing up but by remaining calm you will help both yourself and your child.

In this article by Dr Griffith she explains that the condition is a phase which all children experience and it generally resolves on its own, sometimes with a little assistance from parents.

Dr Griffith said that a number of children, based their genetic make-up or other conditions out of their control, are generally more likely to be bedwetters. This group includes male children who are twice as likely to struggle with the condition; and a familial link, where if you suffered from the condition as a child, your child or grandchild could also experience the problem. Children with pre-existing conditions such as ADHD and learning disorders are also susceptible.

She further explained that even though the condition is a natural part of the child’s development, there are a number of things which affect the production and elimination of urine from the body.

Click here to read this article in detail.

Our Potty Training Reward Chart system can help with the nighttime routine also. Staying consistent with your child can help, and using a sticker chart helps your child monitor their progress at nighttime.

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